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Old Man’s Cell Phone

A Great Cell Phone and Coffee

The coffee you see in the World Bank coffee cup is strictly organic and “fair trade”. The mug can’t help that it represents the cold, clammy hand of post-colonial capitalism. On the plus side, the mug holds more coffee than some of its more politically correct counterparts.

This new Motorola C168i cell phone is fantastic! It sends and receives phone calls and text messages. That’s it! There’s no still camera, no video, no assignable ring tones…in fact, it’s pretty hard to find anybody who will even bother to sell custom ring tones for this phone. It does not have bluetooth, but the hard wire hands free device works like a charm. Not only is this the best, most useful and easy cell phone I have had for several years, it’s the cheapest phone you can get!

My rich and powerful executive friends are all proud of their fancy phones with full keyboards and other Tremendous Features. Me, I just want a phone.

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