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Goodbye Wall St Journal

Recycle the Wall Street Journal

Organized Crime has its own newspaper! Because I have a fancy education and ended up a member of the ‘investor class,’ the Wall Street Journal let me have a year’s subscription to its expensive fish wrap for a mere $99. The year ran out with the May 8 issue, which you see gracing the top of our recycling for the week.

Wow, what an amazingly bad newspaper! Karl Rove is deemed an astute commentator, and Henry Kissinger is considered an elder statesman. No corporate crime goes undefended in this paper, and no regulation goes uncriticized. Insane crackpots are the rule, not the exception. This is the newspaper of war mongers and, even worse, war profiteers.

Rupert Murdoch, an embodiment of evil, took this lousy paper and made it even worse. This is no mean accomplishment. Murdoch has made the Wall Street Journal even more stridently partisan and even less literate.

Now, just where did I put that invitation to try the Financial Times for a year, cheap?

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