We Are Snake Pit 1976

We Are Snake Pit 1976

Here is a charming photo from the archives, taken on February 20, 1976. This was Hollywood High School’s “Special Ed” club. Let’s see if I can remember the old school cheer, which rang out in the bleachers at various sporting events. Did you know that the school allowed smoking in the bleachers back then? It’s no lie. Actually, they had two smoking sections, one for tobacco and the other for everything else.

A closer inspection of this photograph reveals the presence of dog biscuits, dropped trousers, and other evidence of that wholesome spirit of teen exuberance American kids are so widely known for.

Oh yeah, the old school cheer. Here goes:

“Coach Cha’s boys, raiders of the night, g__ damn, son of a b____, we’d rather f___ than fight. Flim flam, g__ damn, who the hell are we? S___ f___, c___ suck, we’re the varsity!”

Today, everybody in this photograph is about 50 years old. I’m still waiting for the alumni association to see the obvious sentimental value in reuniting all these creative people and getting them to come back to Hollywood High and shout this cheer to the current students. It’s important for elders to keep the old school spirit alive.

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  1. We got away with this? we started a small riot at polytechnic high one friday nigh and got a lot of people upset on other occasions and generally romped on the establishment and all the kiss ass types in other cheerleading endeavors. We lampooned and make smart scathing remarks that the other students were to ignorant to understand’ We generally had fun at the expense of ourselves. Thanks to the 60’s for showing the way’ “Live on Snake pit”

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