Earthquake Retrofitting

If you live in earthquake country, this is a sight you’re likely to see in your neighborhood very soon.

Earthquake Retrofitting

Recent studies have shown that common bubblegum does a better job than steel when it comes to protecting old buildings from earthquakes. When the ground starts shaking, the bubblegum stretches without breaking, allowing the building to roll with the punch without falling apart.

The local government in San Diego is distinguishing itself from the rest of the state by embracing this innovative, cheap, low-technology approach to disaster management. The Department of Homeland Security has granted the City $14 million to provide bubble gum to all local public school students, and to transport them to the neighborhoods that most need to be protected from “The Big One.” Under the supervision of armed chaperones, each student will be directed where on each building to place his or her wad of gum so as to provide the greatest degree of protection.

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