Grundig Mini World 100 PE

This is the finest pocket radio ever made.

It is the Grundig 100 PE. It gets AM, FM stereo, and six shortwave bands. Here is a little gadget that achieves fantastic performance within a small package powered by two rechargeable AA batteries. Sure, it could use a fine-tuning control, but for what it is this radio is just about all you could hope for.

The fidelity on all bands is good, and with headphones it rivals far more expensive competitors. This radio has been on some long trips with me over the years.

Today I’m using it to follow the fires that are consuming thousands of acres throughout southern California. Right now it is tuned to KNX 1070, Los Angeles.

3 thoughts on “Grundig Mini World 100 PE

  1. Thanks for mentioning this great little radio. It certainly is understated with it’s quality build, performance and price! I actually sent one to my friend in Santa Barbara where there were fires raging also.

  2. I tahe it with me always,and enjoy it i am aradio ham operater. i am buying one for my son.i remember the old radios grundig majestic,they were great.

  3. Go to Ebay and look up:

    FM/AM/SW 8Bands Receiver Radio HL-6677 Pocket,

    This is the same device under separate cover as Grundig-eton discontinued production of the 100, it remains in production in far east and is a great

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