Art by Rosco Wright 1970

The Final Frontier

Here’s a splendid bit of visual art that’s been on display in various rooms I’ve slept and worked in. Rosco¬† Wright and my parents were friends at the University of Oregon way back in times that appear to have been mostly black and white, and in the decades thereafter.

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  1. My mother was also a friend of Roscoe and she had an oil he did and dated 1959. I have keep the painting. It an abstrct of three dead trees.

  2. I was a young student of Roscoe’s wild art classes back in the 70’s. My mother was a close friend of his and has an original manuscript of his writings and would like to get back in touch with him. Does anyone know if he is still in Ohio and his contact information?

  3. I have a great Roscoe Wrights painting. I would like to find more of his work. Does any one know how I can find more as well as how I can find the value of the piece I have. I want to put insurance on it. I got it from my neighbor and nothing is known about his work.

  4. My mother was also a friend at UofO in the 70’s. I have 3 of his paintings all differnet colors and designs. They are wonderful!

  5. I’m Rosco’s widow. He passed away last November 11, 2012 at 87. I would be willing to answer inquiries if people are interested and if I have a clue to the answers.

  6. Coreen, is your Rosco the same as the fanzine artist who made Beyond in the 40’s? I’m doing a project with the University of Iowa Special Collections Library, and I found a few issues from ’45 in their collection, and I’m just entranced by the beauty and want to know anything more. Thank you so much for posting this, I was desperately searching for biographical information and your comment is my only beacon.

  7. Coreen,

    I am Deanna’s daughter Kathy. I still live here in Springfield. I was sad to read about Roscoe’s passing. I wanted to let you know that I still have several of his paintings that I kept after mom passed away. If anyone in your family is interested in having them, I am happy to return them to his family. I hope you are well.

  8. My Mother owned one of Rosco’s paintings in the late 1950’s called “Conflagration”. I have no idea whatever happened to it. She also arranged for me to take painting lessons from him when I was approximately 12 or 13. I attended only one session and have no idea or memory as to why there were not others. Except he told me I was not properly dressed for a painting class and should have worn clothes I could ruin. I was a painter as an adult later in life am now an artist working in concrete and metals and routinely wear appropriate clothing!

  9. To Michael O’Hara,
    Yes Rosco was part of that. He was part of the original fandom and started publishing science fiction at 12 years old on a jello reproducing medium.
    His son Mark Wright knows quite a bit about his father’s early art and magazine work. He gave me permission to give u his email as follows:
    Hope this all helps.
    Coreen Wright

  10. My mother has a painting of trees in different colors. I would love to see/buy another of his paintings, especially of trees. I was in a writers’ group in the 80″s with a man named Roscoe Wright. Was that this Roscoe Wright?

  11. I was a student of Roscoe’s in the early 1970’s as well as his TA. He taught me how to use an airbrush and I did a few sci-fi genre paintings. He was truly a wonderfully quirky, funny guy that I liked a lot. He’d be happy to know that I’m still painting. My husband Frank and I had dinner at his home meeting his wife, Coreen. He taught me about reading Sci-fi and gave me only his recommended books of the classics. I always loved but never could I afford his paintings when I was going to school. I would love to buy one now. My only regret is losing touch with him because he was truly inspirational and a great influence. I’ll always hold on to the memory of Roscoe Wright as mentor and friend. It would be so wonderful to have a painting of his.
    Jane Lloyd

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