Happy Holiday Wishes

Scott Pearce Toasts Himself

I’m one of those people who hate the holidays. It’s kind of a tradition with me. Aside from the materialism, phony religious sentimentality, awkward family situations and especially the music, I’m basically OK with this time of year.

Is this any way to live, I ask myself, bumming out while the rest of the world is happy, or at least greedily drunk? Do I want to be the kind of person who watches replays of the Philly fans booing Santa while everybody else is watching “White Christmas” on DVD? No!

So, for December of 2008 I want to invite you all to relax, sit down with me as I light the Christmas menorah, and share a few glasses of wine while I tell you that marvelous, life-affirming Nativity story, “Baby Moses and the Three Stooges.” You see, it goes like this…

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