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Great Science Project Idea

Alexis and I went to the local elementary school to check out the science fair exhibits.  One kid wanted to figure out which of his two dogs was smarter. Another compared the number of un-popped kernels of popcorn from various brands. A lot of the exhibits were interesting.

Elana’s project compared the sugar content of Coke with that of fruit juice. “Why do you drink that stuff?” OK, I like a glass of Coke now and then. Just be glad I don’t mix in a bunch of whiskey.

Then it came to me – a great idea for a kid science project! “Alcohol absorption rates of the grownups in my family.” The budding young scientist could put all the adults in his or her family through series of tests of cognition and coordination, carefully noting their condition as they consume booze shot after booze shot. They could all take video game driving tests, too, and compare the results with the legal standards. Here’s an entrepreneurial tip: go for an endorsement deal. Don’t you think one of the alcohol companies would pay to get access to all the parents in the science fair exhibit hall, not to mention the next generation of customers?

This is one idea for a kid science project that you won’t have trouble getting the family to participate in and support!

For no extra charge, here’s today’s rainy sunset at the beach.

Rainy Sunset Beautiful Winter Colors

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