Rolling Probable Cause


Back in 1989, my 1979 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta was, as a friend’s ex-wife once said, “a really bitchin car.”

You don’t get the full effect unless you’ve got the t-tops off and you’re going down the highway very, very fast and listening to Free Wheel Burning very, very loud.

A lot of people thought the license plate was a political statement. In fact, it was merely a reminder of my ice hockey position. Didn’t you know I was a big ice hockey player? Yeah, that’s right. We played it every summer at West Hollywood Park.

I had a C-120 cassette tape most of the Grateful Dead’s October 9, 1989 show from Hampton, Virginia in this car that I listened to more than any other single recording. For no extra charge, here’s the show! To recreate the experience, start with cut 11.

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