Holding Hands with Young Debbie Rowe

1975_10_debbie_roweDebbie Rowe was a classmate of mine at Hollywood High School. I was in the class of 1976. Debbie was a year behind me. Here is her photograph from the ’76 Hollywood High yearbook. (The picture was taken in October 1975.)

Debbie and I weren’t friends, but one time a substitute teacher made us hold hands in class as part of an exercise. Her hands were soft and warm but not squishy. I liked her, though I got the clear impression that she would have been happier holding hands with most of the other boys in class.

She made enough of an impression on me that I recognized her name at the time of her marriage to Michael Jackson. I had gone to Gardner Street Elementary School in Hollywood for first through fifth grade. I left Gardner when my parents moved into the Hollywood Hills. My slot at Gardner was filled in September, 1969 by a transfer student named Michael Jackson. It’s a small world.

At the end of the 1990’s I found myself in a Ventura County Superior Courtroom, where I was defending a guy on Third Strike felony charges. One of the first twelve prospective jurors in the case was none other than Debbie Rowe.  I asked to approach the bench. “Your honor, Juror #5 was a classmate of mine at Hollywood High in the 70’s. Her name is Debbie Rowe and she’s married to Michael Jackson.”

The judge had been on the team of prosecutors during the first Michael Jackson child molestation case, the one that ended when MJ paid millions to the alleged victim. I came to view the judge as a prosecutor in judicial robes, utterly blind to fairness or the pursuit of truth…but that’s a story for later.

I watched Ms. Rowe as the prosecutor asked her questions. She looked and sounded much the same, but her jaw looked as if it had spent a lot of time clenched during recent years, and I sensed a great desire  on her part to be left alone.”I like police officers,” she told the prosecutor. “My husband is an entertainer. He hires off-duty officers to protect me and our children.”

OK, put yourself in my position. You’re defending a serious felony case. Do you want Debbie Rowe on your jury? Would you use a preemptory challenge to kick her off the case? As I sat in court considering exactly that question, it turned out that it wasn’t a decision I was going to have to make.

“The People would like the court to thank and excuse Juror #5.”

5 thoughts on “Holding Hands with Young Debbie Rowe

  1. Debbie is great and not enough positive things have been said about her.
    She help hurt Sneddon’s case badly. I like this lady alot.

  2. oh please she’s not nice then y in the heck did SHE help spread rumors that those r not his kids when she know they r his real kids too.i know she lying cause she never back up that loser Klein she has the right to see her kids but she had no right stabbing Michael jackon in the back like that she may have u all fool but not me i know one thing she as hell was no friend of michaels that’s for sure

  3. Scott, I really enjoyed this story of yours! It’s really a small world, isn’t it?
    Everything came full circle with your interactions with Debbie Rowe & Michael Jackson. CRAZY! Wow!
    I favorited this page years ago after stumbling upon it looking for young Debbie Rowe pics on Google Images. Didn’t know I would find such a cool story along with the pic!

    Life is really weird like that, huh. Who knew that those seemingly unrelated interactions with Debbie & Michael would turn out like this?
    He took your spot in elementary school right after he moved out from Gary, Indiana after the Jackson 5 joined Motown.
    You met her in high school sharing the same class together doing a project.
    People you didn’t really know that well if at all.
    Years later, she marries him & has 2 of his kids.
    All you knew was that transfer student ended up being the Biggest Star in the Entire World & now your old high school classmate is HIS WIFE?! DEBBIE?!?

    I know that had to be a trip for you. I’m a Jackson Family fan & it still shocks ME!
    Of all people??? DEBBIE?!? But it makes perfect sense when you think about it.
    She was his nurse. She was his nurturer. When he was surrounded by so many snakes & opportunists looking to use him, she was one person he could confide in & trust.
    As intriguing as Michael obviously is, I sometimes find Debbie even MORE intriguing.
    Which is why I looked up pics of her when she was younger leading me to this page.

    She’s the one who destroyed Tom Sneddon’s witchhunt on Michael in 2005.
    The star prosecution witness making the case for the DEFENSE! GOD! Amazing!
    She’s the one who told the truth about Michael’s ailments in Michael’s wrongful death trial against AEG in 2013. The details about how she tried to fix up his wounds.
    But she’s even more private than Michael was! She really thought that she could have his children & still live her 9-to-5 life. But that was impossible.
    Once she decided to have his children, she was forever a part of the Jackson Saga.
    This is evident by the fact that she has her own Wikipedia page! Hahaha!

    So she tries to strike this impossible balance of being as incognito as possible while ultimately realizing she’ll always have a portion of spotlight thrust upon her.
    She didn’t ask to be a star but this is what happens when you get with The Biggest Star On Earth. Privacy is a rare resource by this point.

    And even if she succeeded on the incognito part of the scale, she would be thrust right back into the limelight because of her daughter Paris who carries Debbie’s face.
    Everytime you see Paris Jackson you see Debbie Rowe.
    Paris Jackson is basically an olive-skinned brown-haired version of her mother.
    Paris’ ethnicity & race being an endless topic of discussion just like it was for her father once he went through Vitiligo.
    By the hands of nature & the hands of man, Michael blurred & confounded the entire notion of Race & Racial Categories.
    By her very birth, Paris does the exact same as a Mixed Black-and-White girl who can easily pass for just White.
    And when we think of her & her brother Prince’s birth, we’re forced to think about the one who birthed them—Debbie Rowe. Hence why Debbie is so intriguing.

    Debbie & Michael’s relationship magnetizes curiosity.
    A mother who had children solely so someone can be a father.
    A mother who wasn’t ready to be a mother, a 9-to-5 girl who wasn’t ready to be a star.
    A woman who futilely tried to have the babies of the World’s Biggest Star & return back to her private life. An unorthodox relationship between mother & father that ranges from friendship to something deeper & more profound.
    The culmination of the mission of Michael’s old record label Motown, once The Sound of Young America. A Black group breaking down the walls between the races & coming together united in Black & White.
    Debbie & Michael symbolically represents the White girl in the suburbs falling in love with the Black boy from the ghettos.
    Blonde long-haired girls in the 1970s reading Tiger Beat & going gaga over the Jackson 5 & their enormous Afros.
    The subjects of Class & Race all melded together in one energized form.
    America dealing with its past, present, & future. America dealing with itself.

    That’s why the public will never get enough of the story of Debbie, Michael, & their children. And I’m sure since the time you wrote this piece that Debbie has crossed your mind a time or two.
    She’s very mysterious to the outside world & even the Jackson fanbase.
    You only get to understand her in glimpses. She’s VERY outspoken when it comes to defending who she cares about. VERY strong. VERY real. And VERY loyal.
    When the chips are down, she comes to town. And then just like that—incognito.
    But in those glimpses I definitely see a kind woman & I’m glad she was in Michael’s life. Having children with Lisa Marie Presley would’ve been nothing but drama.
    Fanbases clashing & custody tug-of-war between Michael & Lisa Marie.
    With Debbie, Michael got to enjoy his last days as a family man in relative peace.
    And I thank her for it. And I thank her for being there for Paris when she needed her.
    Hopefully Debbie’s recovering from that cancer scare & she’ll be back in good health.

    Thanks for giving me more insight on Debbie Rowe, Scott.
    And thank you for that “Black Lives Matter!” post you did.
    Thank you for standing up for justice for ALL.
    I’m a Black man & I really appreciate that. Great to see someone who understands.
    More power to you, my man.

    John Lucas

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