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Sixth Grade Humor

You can learn a lot about a society from its humor. Here is a joke that’s making its way around the local fancy rich-kid elementary schools of suburban North County San Diego:

“What’s the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa?  Answer: Santa limits himself to three ho’s.”

I should mention that this is one of the jokes the girls are telling! This shows us all just what sort of a future we’re in for. Back when I was in sixth grade, we didn’t make fun of Santa! Sure, we might have told jokes about “cock fighting at a nudist camp” – and we might have turned a famous patriotic song into “You’re a Grand Old Fag” – but we had enough decency and respect to treat Santa with the reverence appropriate to the Christmas story and the holiday season!  People forget that Santa was one of the Three Wise Men.

Come on, sing a few bars with me!  “…Every heart beats false when you don’t have a pulse…”

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