The Parents Are Black

Ocean Beach ParrotsOcean Beach has a colony of parrots, originally from northeast Mexico, who have decided to kick back and enjoy the Bohemian vibe and counterculture traditions of OB. I love these birds and how colorful and loud they are. When they finally showed up, I called Alexis on her cell phone. As a result of a bad connection and mutual senility, the conversation went something like this:

“Alex, the parrots are back!”

“What? Parents? Black?”

“The parrots are back!”

“The parents are black? Whose parents are black? Who cares?”

“No, not black, back.”

“Back? Whose parents?”

“Not parents, parrots. The parrots are back.”


It’s a good thing that my wife and I are so well educated. Who knows what our efforts at communication might look like otherwise? Anyhow, the cool birds have returned and here is some proof.

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