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One of the most popular posts on these pages is a piece I wrote about being on-stage with Perfumes of Araby at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1972. That post has a nice photo of Diane that my dad took that year. Here is another photo I’ve found in the family archives. This is a picture of Diane I took at 1971 at the Faire in Agoura.

Every May I think back to the halcyon days of the Renaissance Faire, adrift on the mists of time. I expect to come up with super-8 movie film of one of Diane’s faire performances, captured on two cameras. I also expect to receive a unicorn for my next birthday.

5 thoughts on “Diane Webber 1971

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  2. Dear Scott, I was one of Diane’s earliest students and danced at the Ren FAire with her in the early 70’s. I did a veil dance with 2 of my friends on the small stage and also on the large stage at the end of the Faire plus a group dance. Diane was my mentor. Somewhere I have 2 reels of super 8 of my dance as well as Diane’s solo dance. I wanted to convert them to DVD for her, but alas found out she had died. I wish I had done it when I found the 2 reels the first time…..lesson learned NEVER put off to tomorrow what you should do today!!! Loved your tribute to her as well as the Faire (before it became corrupt) It was a magical time for all for sure.

  3. Scott, thanks so, so much for posting these lovely pictures of Diane. I saw her performing at the Renaissance Faire in Agoura and I was knocked out. I was stunned and very sad to read that she had died. I hadn’t known. She remains one of the most gifted, skilled dancers and choreographers I’ve ever seen.

  4. Hello Scott, thank you for this stunning tribute to a very well loved woman. Your Mom was also my teacher; I was one of the Perfume of Araby dancers and I remember young you! I found your site while doing research for an article on the costuming of the 70’s PoA. May I please share your photo with the readers? Looking forward to hearing from you, with love ~stasha

  5. Thank you Scott. I danced the renaissance Fair that year as I was in the dance troop Perfumes of Araby. I wish I caould get some footage of her dancing. She was the BEST! dancer and the Best teacher. I too, remeber The Dubek player whos name is Maroun yelling out BUKSHISH! Which means money, though the real word in Masadi. Shewill really be missed by me. Do you where I can get some video footage of her dancing?

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