1965 Flashback to 2nd Grade

It’s odd to live in a world in which a 45 year-old photograph shows up suddenly, yet thanks to the modern miracle (or curse) of technology this picture arrives unexpectedly, and I get snatched up for a quick trip back in time. Time travel seems to be an increasingly common preoccupation on these pages. You might as well come along, so return with me to the fall of 1965.

My second grade classmates and I are in what is now called the Michael Jackson Auditorium at Gardner Street Elementary school. I am standing to the extreme right of the next-to-back row, an uncharacteristic position. My sister-in-law Debbie is in the center of the same row.

Just a couple of years ago, I stood in roughly the same place in that old auditorium. It looked exactly the same, except smaller.

One thought on “1965 Flashback to 2nd Grade

  1. oh my goodness that is so cool! i cant believe the auditorium is that old, I never knew. And that building, the brick one on the left of the lighter colored building, what is that? It’s not there anymore, and it wasnt there ten years ago when i went there. Maybe it aws unsafe.wow. I was looking for old photos of gardner and this is the only one i found…i go to hollywood high now and the old photos of it are awesome

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