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First Strawberry of ’12

Little pleasures can be captivating if you’re paying attention.


This strawberry is (was) a little smaller than the average commercial raspberry. 2012 is the third year in which this little plant has offered up a little magical taste of flavory goodness.

[Excuse me while I go copyright and trademark that phrase, “magical taste of flavory goodness.” Once Hostess brands gets out of bankruptcy, they’re probably going to line up with my other friends from Nestle chocolates to buy this brilliant bit of intellectual property. That’s a relief; if present trends continue, Ms. May is going to start college in the fall of 2016. It’ll be cool to have her expenses covered.]

Earlier this afternoon I went outside to tend my modest little garden. This beautiful tiny strawberry greeted me. I took this photograph right before I severed the berry and part of the stem from the plant. Inside, I washed off the brilliant bright red berry and gazed at it lovingly under the golden glow of the afternoon sun. After that I bit the berry off of the stem and savored each bit of the marvelous morsel.

I couldn’t help but do a nice little happy dance of joy as the divinity of the strawberry permeated my consciousness. I’m telling you, strawberries make a compelling case for the existence of a loving divine spirit in the universe.

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