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Reiki Appliance Repair

What is Reiki?┬áThe word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy.” So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy.” This approach to healing is gaining acceptance beyond Asia.

I can fix them all!

According to the erudite authorities at Dummies.Com, Reiki can be used on pets with great results. Here in southern California, we seem to have a knack for adapting exotic spiritual healing practices to more practical ends. Yeah, it’s great to transcend our limitations and distribute our internal energy in healthier and more productive ways, but how is that supposed to save money?

It is my distinct pleasure to take a stroll with you down the path of progress. I know a lot of people come to this website for practical tips on how to cope with the challenges of daily modern life. Once again it is my privilege to be of service.

Why spend outrageous amounts of money on appliance repair? It is possible to use the spiritual power of reiki to heal your appliances and other equipment. Not everybody has the patience and the capacity for empathy required, but I can tell you from personal experience that if you persist your efforts will be rewarded.

The most important aspect of reiki appliance repair is to put your hands on the appliance and feel the energy imbalances that are preventing it from fulfilling its function in the material world. You have to merge your spirit with the spirit of the appliance. Let me tell you a true story from my own kitchen. In yet another example of hypocritical decadence, I have a huge fridge with a fancy ice maker that offers filtered water and crushed ice without having to open the door. This thing was expensive in the first place and I understand that it is not cheap to fix. A few days ago it decided to release a lot of its cold energy and merge with the outside climate. Cold water came out of the ice chute when I pushed the button. My Morningstar Farms Fake Bacon Strips came out of the freezer all limp and thawed out.

A lot of people would panic and place an urgent call to a repair person. Not me. I decided to embrace the big decadent fridge. I put one hand on each side and pressed my face against the door, the warmth of my body merging with the cold metal of the appliance without further warming the culinary treasures inside. I could tell that the fridge wasn’t really physically damaged. No, its feelings weren’t right; there was something amiss with the internal flow of spiritual energy. I projected my sense of inner serenity into the soul within the machine. Then I gently opened the doors and caressed the switches that control the freezer and fridge. I let them know that it would be OK if they had to quit working forever but that their natural purpose was to provide cold where before there was warmth. Couldn’t we all work it out and get along?

Within minutes both compartments of the beleaguered refrigerator were humming with activity. The internal energy balance of the device had been restored to a natural harmony with the external elements of the environment. By the evening it was as if there never had been a problem. That’s what a little applied spiritual evolution can get you.

Of course, it’s also true that there is a learning curve to consider. A few years ago we had problems with our water heater. I used the transformative powers of reiki to repair it. Unfortunately the results weren’t so good. I was able to restore full function to the water heater, but I failed to notice or to heal a small leak. A couple of weeks later the water heater failed again, after having soaked through a wall. We had to replace both the water heater and the wall, including a vast expense associated with getting rid of some mold. Sure, it was a costly little life lesson. My family had to take showers outdoors in the middle of winter for a couple of weeks. We all grew from the experience, and it did not deter me from continuing to pursue my own special spiritual path.

This time things are different. I know the fridge really is healed. As Chick Hearn used to say, “The eggs are cooling, the butter is getting hard and the Jello is jiggling!”

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