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Gerry Pearce 1980

It is a little startling to notice that today is the 10th anniversary of my father’s death. This is an ideal occasion to present This website contains a few thousand pages of original written material, with much more to come. In time it will contain the best photographs from the thousands he left behind and some of the home movies he shot at the Renaissance Faire and at various science fiction conventions over the years.

The few years my dad really prospered as a writer were when he had a salaried job at Walt Disney Studios, turning out TV scripts for The Wonderful World of Disney. He also wrote hundreds of syndicated TV shows for Bill Burrud Productions. Throughout his professional life, from the 1950’s until a couple of months before his final illness, Gerry wrote stories for science fiction and mystery magazines.

My dad spent several decades working on a book about the plight of the Palestinian people, entitled Generations of BetrayalTwo different versions of this book are available at

The 2003 version of Generations of Betrayal is the last project Gerry completed. He wrapped up the final edit of this book days before his final illness took him away from the word processor for good. 46 chapters are available for you to peruse right now, in HTML format.

The 1981 version of Generations of Betrayal is 26 chapters long, presented here in PDF format. This one came very close to being published.

On this new website, one thing you’re not going to encounter is any commentary from me. I’m trying to give my dad a chance to speak to everybody without any interference. If you have any reaction to the material, I’d be curious to know about it.

My dad was an enthusiastic letter writer. I’ve collected quite a few of his letters with an eye toward publishing an edited edition someday. If anybody reading this has more, I’d be curious to have a look.

Thinking about the day, ruminating on reality, I’m reminded of one of my favorite Fred Allen lines:

“Live each day as if it’s going to be your last — and one day you’ll be right.”

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