Gerry Pearce & Sindi 1957

Today is the fifth anniversary of my dad’s death.

This is one of the best images to come out of the family archives. It was taken by my mom in 1957, about a year before I was born. It is one of the very few color photographs my mom took before the late 1960’s. It’s a shame she didn’t take more, because a high percentage of her color efforts in the 1950’s were wonderful.

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  1. 6/14/2016
    Gerry, I really enjoyed your history segments. I was a student at Gardner St. elementary in about 1955-1957, just a little bit older than yourself. Your photo of 1965, although it was taken during a time period around 8 years later than mine, contained elements that brought back memory flashes. The clothing styles, the hair cuts.
    I was really too young back then (kindergarten to first grade) to have a solid memory today; I have only “flashes” of memory that I combine with visual clues such as your photo, photos of the school–ones where modern refurbishing hasn’t altered the physical structure of the building, and memories of activities that I have to “test”, by reality comparisons. Let me explain that last item. I seem to have different segments of a single memory. One is visual, another is geographical, yet another is activity. There are more also; like smell, and sounds. If they all are present at once then what you have is total recollection. Not having that, I use what I AM sure of and compare it to what I’m not sure of.
    At that time, my home was a two story, 3 bedroom, home built maybe in the 1920’s. I know what my address was–1250 N. Detroit Ave., right next to the intersection of Fountain Ave., and Detroit Ave., or roughly 5 blocks east and 3 blocks south of Gardner St. elementary. In those days all of my neighbor’s homes were about the same–early 20th century single family homes with front porches, and single car garages. Even though my visual memory of my neighborhood isn’t 100%, my activity memory is better. One of my fondest activities was to ride my training wheel equipped bicycle partways around my block to a tiny grocery market located in the ground floor level of a multi-story apartment building on the southwest corner of Fountain and LaBrea. I don’t know if you’ve ever been there, but I’m pretty sure it was still operating in 1965. My main draw there was a toy rack with cheap cellophane wrapped trinkety toys from Japan, all selling for between 10-25 cents each. One of my fav’s was a rubber-band powered, balsa wood stick airplane that cost .25 cents. I’d usually get about 5 good flights on it before a heat thermal and a breeze would carry it too far away to retrieve it. That is my “activity” memory!! I had to use that in comparing my known address to “see” my old neighborhood since Google street view showed me that except for just a couple of what may be original buildings around where I used to live, that nearly half that city block was razed to construct a modern “Ralph’s” supermarket. The lot where my home used to sit, is now the up-ramp of a multi-level parking structure. A tall cement, ivy covered structure! Parking on my old street is now diagonal parking for three story apartment structures replacing nearly ALL of the single family homes of yesteryear.
    Thanks to Google earth street view, I’m able to “travel” home to see my old neighborhoods, but I get views I’d never remember or recognize now days.
    Well, I’m sorry I went on so much. But it looked as though you might be someone who might relate to my experiences. Please E-mail me with any information you might have concerning my old neighborhood. Thanks.
    Michael Hesterberg

  2. Sorry Gerry, my post didn’t include my ee mail which I’d like anyone to have to contact me. I’ll try it this way. ‘mihes works AT ya hoo dot comm’. Maybe that will get by the computer police. My address wasn’t printed in my original post.

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