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O.B. Welcomes You To Behave

Ocean Beach Welcomes You To Behave

Ocean Beach is one of the saner places in San Diego County.

You’ll notice that the alcohol ban is a new sticker attached to the sign. That’s because San Diego has prohibited alcohol at the beach. You see, the local cops have a tradition of rioting when too many people gather in one place to have fun.

Because the police can’t control themselves, the local authorities have chosen to control the public instead.

This is one more sign of a society that has lost confidence in itself. Day by day, we become less free and more reliant on silly rules and brute force.

Strike a blow for freedom! Smuggle beer and cigarettes to the beach! Take your dog for a walk after 9:00 in the morning! Don’t be afraid to live a little.

Modern America defines liberty as the freedom to do exactly as we are told. Too bad.

UPDATE: At a recent election, SD voters decided to continue to ban alcohol at the beach. The beach communities voted against extending the ban.

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