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Summer in January

Pretty Flower

It’s easy to make fun of suburban southern California, but a couple of days ago I was involved with an on-line seminar with people from all over the country. Aside from me and a participant in Hawaii, everybody else was struggling to stay alive, freezing and miserable.

Plastic suburbia can wreak havoc on your consciousness, warping it into anxious paranoia, conspicuous consumption with borrowed money…but wait! This is the jolly blog. It is not Juris Vodcast – go there if you want to know how screwed up everything is and how No Bad Deed Goes Unrewarded.

The point is not that suburban sprawl is a wretched curse, spreading through the body politic like a soul-destroying cancer. You know that. If anything, you probably think it’s an understatement.

The point is that it is the middle of January. I’m wandering around in shorts and flip flops taking pictures of tiny little delicate flowers, enjoying a nice outing in the afternoon sunshine with Rainbow. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is utterly miserable. You’ve all got my sympathy. No, really.

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