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Computer Hassles Time Out

Why do software and gadgets behave arbitrarily? Why do they engage in various small mutinies against civilized order? Why would a publishing program choose fonts and font sizes that disagree with the ones I’ve instructed it to use? Why would a nice bullet list end up with extra random black dots around it, ones that can’t be removed without breaking up the whole list? Why, oh why, would I be forced to hack HTML, or even CSS? How could it come to this?

Magnificent January Flower in Carmel Valley

I’ve spent a surprising amount of time today dealing with these imponderables. The work is incredibly tedious and it hasn’t been going smoothly. Fortunately, the family poochie knows what’s good for me. She insisted that I take her out for a nice long walk in the southern California sunshine, and she reminded me to take my camera along. There’s more frustrating and dull work to do now, but at least I am basking in the afterglow of a bright stroll past some pretty flowers.