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It’s Good to Have Nine Lives

9 Year Old Thrillseeker

This is a nice action shot from 41 years ago. You’ll notice that I am being photographed from above, with a cliff behind me and rocks about a hundred feet below.  Nobody said it wasn’t OK to climb up the sheer face of an ice-covered mountain until after I had done it! If it was so dangerous, how come I wasn’t more closely supervised? What do you expect a nine-year-old kid to do out there, memorize multiplication tables?

My mom took this picture immediately before she started yelling at me for taking so many dangerous risks. Startled by her outburst and frightened by her fury, I lost my grip and fell backwards to the rocks below.

Easy come, easy go. One big benefit of being raised by cats with psychic powers is that you get bonus lives out of the deal.

This would not be the last life I lost, tragically. Fortunately I’ve still got a few left.

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