Gerry Pearce 1981

Gerry Pearce in Hollywood, July 1981

Today is the sixth anniversary of my dad’s death. My mom took this picture on Rutherford Drive in the Hollywood Hills back in the summer of ’81. I plan to publish many of my father’s photographs and movies soon, along with his book on the Middle-East. No doubt a grateful world will wonder what took me so long.

2 thoughts on “Gerry Pearce 1981

  1. THERE he is! I Googled “Gerry Pearce,” and the photo that came up for your 4/27/11 post didn’t provoke any recognition. It was obviously the man I was looking for, because he resembles you so strongly, and I remember his story of walking through the grocery store with you, and having some random woman come up, look at you, look at him, and say to him, “You couldn’t deny him if you wanted to!”

    But then I scrolled down the Google results page, and saw this picture. Ding! Even without the beard (which is how I always remember him), it’s that twinkle in the eyes that gives him away.

    I miss him. Thank you for posting this.

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