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The Future of Vegas

Nevada is experiencing a dramatic budget crisis. Some have suggested balancing the budget with nuclear waste. Others have noted that there is a similar financial crisis on the Las Vegas strip. Job security is a thing of the past. At the same time, if present trends continue, Nevada’s prison population will increase by 61% by 2017.Terrorism as Entertainment

In a solution being described as “win-win” by a unique partnership among Egyptian and Israeli gaming interests, Nevada’s financial problems will be ended in one night of pay-per-view TV. Nevada prisoners will be allowed the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bet their lives with freedom or death as the possible outcomes. Twin towers will be built in the Vegas desert, modeled on the Stratosphere Hotel.  Inmates will be placed in one or the other tower, based on a random lottery.

Inmates in each tower will report to the world as they savor a plush Vegas-style buffet that will be either their last meal or their first taste of freedom. At the set time, with the whole world watching, one of the towers will be destroyed by a missile strike designed to sever the top of the tower. Cameras inside the stricken tower will run until the moment the rooftop restaurant strikes the pavement. A separate lottery is proposed to select the person who pushes the red button triggering the air-to-ground missile strike.

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