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Summer’s Almost Here

Buy AmericanChrysler and GM are in US Bankruptcy Court. That’s not a surprise to anybody who has been following the industry during the last few years. Last year I published a video on the car industry, called “A Bridge Loan to Nowhere.”

Here I am in my 2004 Chrysler Sebring Limited. I was pleased to read that President Obama is going to stand behind Chrysler warranties, until I read the fine print. It turns out that the President’s promise only goes to people who buy new cars from the company starting this month. Fine.  Maybe it serves me right for voting for Cynthia McKinney.

Oh well, with luck and proper maintenance my car will enjoy a long and comparatively trouble-free life and won’t require any service under the warranty. At least this car isn’t rolling probable cause like my big black Camaro. I still can’t understand why the po-po had to pull me over, as opposed to the thousands of other drivers doing 90 mph on the Hollywood Freeway. Probably it was some kind of invidious discrimination.  2009_0609_sebring_sunset

OK, whatever. Wait! It turns out that Fiat has been given the go-ahead to purchase Chrysler. Could it be that one of the few car makers with an even lower reputation for quality than Chrysler is going to be the new owner?

Let’s just take a step back and examine the situation from a So Cal perspective. Everything is cool. The car is luxurious and attractive. Why not take the top down and go to Sunset Cliffs for the latest sunset? Right.

That’s better. What’s not to like?

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