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Great Radio from Australia

You’ve obviously got a lot of time on your hands. Admit it. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s cool. I’ve got more important things to do than write this. But if you’re going to be a slacker, you might as well be a zealous, all-out slacker, right? Or would that be applying a Protestant Work Ethic to laziness?

Sorry, if we’re going to waste time together, we shouldn’t concentrate on philosophical issues.

Maybe you’re busy at your job while you’re reading this. If so, congratulations! You are getting paid for screwing around. Pat yourself on the back my friend, you’re living the American Dream. Of course, if you had shown a little more initiative and made it higher up the food chain, you’d be reading this on your iPhone or Blackberry while kicking back at some island resort or ski lodge, but never mind.

Regardless of your social status, good music will improve your life. You should be listening to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation right now. They provide better radio than you have. I find I do some of my best work – and slacking – with one or another of their brilliant stations going in the background.

Join me right now and listen to one of these two stations.  The link will play the audio through your default player. ABC Classic FM is one of the most fun and intelligent classical radio stations on Earth. Dig Music is a great jazz station that will have you stretching toward the speakers like the RCA Victor Dog. Enjoy! You can thank me later.

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