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The Secret of Juggling

In times of economic uncertainty, it’s important to sharpen all of one’s skills. After all, you never know when you might have to change jobs or even take on a whole new career. More and more people are finding this out the hard way. Personally, I believe that work is overrated. Clowning around always has meant a lot to me. I don’t mind being called a ‘clown.’ Clowns have more status in our society than lawyers, and rightly so.

Many of us feel that our lives are spent juggling contradictory roles and complicated tasks. Why not take the logical next step and learn how to juggle physical objects? It’s fun, and I imagine I have made more money from juggling at parties than most young lawyers make during their first couple of years out of law school.

What is the secret of juggling? Well, you have to have a photographer capture your act during one of the rare moments when you look like you know what you’re doing! Thank you, Jeffrey Gothard, for pushing the button at just the right instant!

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