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No Vanilla Cookies For You

No Vanilla Cookies For YouProcessed food is bad for you. White sugar and bleached flour are unhealthy substances. You shouldn’t eat them. I understand that these ideas are true. My diet is mostly organic and vegetarian, but sometimes $1.25 for some nice vanilla cookies seems like a good idea, too. If I choose to find a dollar bill flat enough to go into the vending machine and add a nice 25-cent piece down the slot, shouldn’t I at least get a ration of sugar, flour and palm oil in return?

Maybe it isn’t a good idea to eat junk food, ever. I imagine it’s wrong to want the cookies at all. Probably this desire proves that I’m a wretched sugar addict or at least susceptible to cynical advertising. Not only do I know these cookies are poison, I suspect they are produced by abused workers, out of ingredients that are harvested by slave children on plantations that destroy the environment. Picky, picky.

One might think that gobbling the cookies and suffering the toxic effects would be punishment enough, but no. I don’t even get the short-term pleasure of eating food designed to make me happy instead of to nourish me.

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