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1971 Diane Webber Flashback

Here is another view back through the mists of time…

This video is the product of clips from several different super-8 movies my father and I shot back in May of 1971. This is the second 1971 performance I’ve cut together from old home movies and published on-line. The other one was shot at the main stage of the Renaissance Faire during the same month, back in ’71 (see below).

Here’s a short piece I wrote about being on stage with Diane and Perfumes of Araby in the following year, 1972. At some point in the not-too-distant future, I’ll get back into the archives and see how much footage there is from 1972. It is quite possible there will be stuff in there that is at least as good as the material from ’71.

Here’s the first clip of Diane from the Faire, on the main stage, in May of 1971:

1971 seems like a long time ago…except when it feels like yesterday.