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Category Archives: 1950-1959

Hollywood Flashback: August, 1957

Today is the 84th anniversary of my mother’s birth. Here’s a picture of her along with a couple of cats, taken a little more than a year before I was born. She is 27 years old in this snapshot. To go with it, here is the text of a letter my dad wrote about the […]

50 Years Ago Today

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Trinket 1958

Here is another of my mom’s great early color photographs from the 1950’s. She took this picture of a kitten named Trinket back in December 1958. The family cats didn’t start to get weird until the 1960’s. Share on Facebook

Gerry & Joan 6-18-53

Here’s the first picture of my parents as husband and wife, taken June 18, 1953. And here is the last picture, taken on November 28, 2002. Share on Facebook

Gerry Pearce & Sindi 1957

Today is the fifth anniversary of my dad’s death. This is one of the best images to come out of the family archives. It was taken by my mom in 1957, about a year before I was born. It is one of the very few color photographs my mom took before the late 1960’s. It’s […]