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Category Archives: 1970-1979

Ming the Merciless

Here is “Ming the Merciless, Emperor of Mongo, otherwise known as Charlie Middleton”. Friends of the family thought this was a cute name for an essentially nice cat. What they did not know is that the animal you see in this 1973 photograph actually is Ming the Merciless of the planet Mongo. Here’s the story […]

Crooning in 1975

A number of talented artists were with me at Hollywood High School back in the 1970’s. Aprile Milo went on to enjoy the most success. Back in the day, she was known as April, but it was clear she was going to have a major career in opera. I was pleased to help lead the […]

Don’t Do This To A Narc

Here’s a nice action shot from October 1972, before I decided to embrace nonviolence. We’re all quite aware of the fact that the US Corporate Media are adept at covering up bad news they don’t want us to be alarmed about – so it comes as no surprise that the Zombie Uprising that took place […]

Holding Hands with Young Debbie Rowe

Debbie Rowe was a classmate of mine at Hollywood High School. I was in the class of 1976. Debbie was a year behind me. Here is her photograph from the ’76 Hollywood High yearbook. (The picture was taken in October 1975.) Debbie and I weren’t friends, but one time a substitute teacher made us hold […]

R.I.P. Diane Webber

Diane Webber was one of the most gifted artists I have had the honor to know. She founded Perfumes of Araby, one of the first American belly dancing companies. My dad took this photograph of Diane at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in May, 1972. Believe it or not, the Renaissance Pleasure Faire used to be […]

Yes We Can!

Millions of people all over the world have been inspired by President Obama. Americans are pulling together as never before. We can learn from the past. We’ve shared hard times before. This picture was taken back when President Jerry Ford was encoraging us to wear “Whip Inflation Now” (WIN) buttons. The cat’s name is Dragon. […]

1971 Hornet Sportabout

Not many people remember American Motors, (AMC). This is a car company that went broke and died out years before it became fashionable.  Behold a not-in-showroom-condition ’71 Hornet Sportabout. My friends and I used to refer to this car as the “Silver Rolls”. What this car lacked in looks it made up for by being […]

Vote McGovern 1972

We begin 2009 with a Presidential innaguration coming up and hundreds of millions of people all around the world yearning for peace. Here’s a campaign poster that has been on the wall since I was 13 years old. See the big burning pile of American wealth behind Mr. Nixon? We’ve been stoking that fire ever […]

Hollywood Sunset 1975

Here’s yet another glorious California Sunset, this one taken from the Hollywood Hills back at the very start of 1975, during the halcyon days of the Gerald Ford administration. You can see the familiar Capitol Records building. What makes this an important photograph is the part of America’s Secret History that it reveals.  If you […]

Tribble 1971

Here is a fine cat named Tribble.  Like many of the animals in these pages, Tribble has been dead for many  years.  Yet this cat remains a splendid role model for us all.  Not only was he a noble, kitten-protecting big cat, he had a glorious attitude toward life. Tribble was the sort of cat […]

Art by Rosco Wright 1970

Here’s a splendid bit of visual art that’s been on display in various rooms I’ve slept and worked in. Rosco  Wright and my parents were friends at the University of Oregon way back in times that appear to have been mostly black and white, and in the decades thereafter. Share on Facebook

Above-Ground Nuke Test ’75

Here’s another nice shot from the family archives. My dad took this picture of me in late April of 1975, shortly after the above-ground nuclear test shot was detonated in South-Central LA. Today a big house blocks this view. The picture was taken on Hollyridge Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Share on Facebook

Happy Anniversary

Here’s another pair of ‘then and now’ images. Above, Alexis and I come to you from 1978. She is 16 and I’m 19. Below you see us thirty years later. We’re happy together. Share on Facebook

Three Friends: 1979 & 2008

Here I am with my friends Larry and George. The first shot was taken in Hollywood in December, 1979. The second is from Ocean Beach on November 20, 2008. Is Father Time a quaint, friendly priest? Share on Facebook

Mad Carew 1974

This was one of the crazier cats I grew up with in the Hollywood Hills.  She was named Mad Carew, a perfect description as well as a catchy moniker. Is she using keen powers of concentration?  Is she in touch with a higher consciousness? Or is she nuts? (This is an easy question.) This photograph […]