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Category Archives: 1980-1989

17 Years

My dad died 17 years ago today. I wonder what he’d think of 2020? Here’s a picture of the two of us from about 1986. Share on Facebook

Black Lives Matter!

Cell phone video is a powerful force for Democracy. Alton Sterling’s life matters as much as mine does. Philando Castile’s life matters as much as my wife’s does. The racial problems in US law enforcement are not new but they are becoming less deniable by the day. This human catastrophe stems from problems that are […]

Four Eyes

Here is another winning photograph from my dad’s vast archive of shots from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This one comes to us from the spring of 1980. I imagine this is not something you see every day. Definitely an eye-catching picture! Share on Facebook

33 Years Ago Today

May 25, 1980 was a memorable day. This was the day I graduated from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, the Garden Spot of the Pacific Northwest. What everybody remembers about May 1980 was the explosion of Mount St. Helens on the 18th.  Here’s a picture I took that day from behind the Adult Student Housing complex […]

Virgin Queen

Here’s a photograph my dad took at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in May, 1986. Share on Facebook

A Tale of Two Mustangs

Many of us have fond feelings about cars we had when we were kids. Here’s a 1980 picture taken in Forest Grove, Oregon, featuring me and my 1968 Mustang. I drove this car for many years, from college through law school and into the early years of my professional life. Although everybody agreed it was […]

Remembering Maggie

I got this poster in England while I was studying law at Magdalen College back in 1982. It has stood the test of time better than the ideology Maggie and her American soul-mate offered the world. “Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher.”   Share on Facebook

World’s Tallest Barber Pole

Going back in time can be a tricky business. When one stands on the same spot 30 years later, it’s hard not to get a little dizzy. Few people appreciate Forest Grove, Oregon, the Garden Spot of the Pacific Northwest. Pacific University is here, and in May of 1980 I graduated from that institution. 30 […]

25 Years Ago Today

“Academic Auschwitz” That’s how I used to refer to the USC Law Center. My three years there neatly coincided with Reagan’s first term in office. They were relentlessly miserable. With each passing day I became more class-conscious and more appalled at the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the American professional demographic. Each day was filled […]

Gerry Pearce 1981

Today is the sixth anniversary of my dad’s death. My mom took this picture on Rutherford Drive in the Hollywood Hills back in the summer of ’81. I plan to publish many of my father’s photographs and movies soon, along with his book on the Middle-East. No doubt a grateful world will wonder what took […]

Rolling Probable Cause

Back in 1989, my 1979 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta was, as a friend’s ex-wife once said, “a really bitchin car.” You don’t get the full effect unless you’ve got the t-tops off and you’re going down the highway very, very fast and listening to Free Wheel Burning very, very loud. A lot of people thought the […]

Unrequited Love

My mom took this picture in Woking, United Kingdom, in April of 1984. Share on Facebook

Practicing Law July 1986

Here I am in the summer of ’86 at counsel table in one of the big arraignment courts in the Criminal Courts Building in downtown Los Angeles. I was a deputy public defender, and I was delighted to be getting paid to cross-examine cops. Not much more than a year later, I left that job […]

Venerable Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs are some of the most common drug paraphernalia around. Here we have a friendly, feline-oriented mug that dates from 1980. Today, 28 years later, you can see that the mug is doing its usual splendid job: exploiting the forces of gravity to keep hot coffee contained within its walls. You can also see […]

RIP Professor Whitebread

Charles Whitebread died a few days ago at the age of 65. He never smoked cigarettes but lung cancer killed him anyway. I knew him at USC and in the bar review business. Professor Whitebread was one of the best lecturers I ever watched and listened to. He joined the faculty at the USC Law […]