Elegant White Pooch 1997

Scott and IceThe elegant white pooch is an Arctic Wolf named Ice. You don’t see magnificent predators like this one every day. One great thing about having a gigantic white wolf for a pet is that you don’t have to buy it any food! This friendly animal is fully capable of feeding itself. Another bonus: a huge howling white wolf like this one makes the perfect guard dog.

Big Sur Sunset 1996

Big Sur Sunset October 1996

Big Sur is one of the most impressive places on the California coast. The narrow, twisting highway perched at the edge of a giant cliff is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Do you think it’s easy to take great pictures like this while driving a car with questionable tires very fast around hairpin turns?

Venice Beach 1994

Venice Beach View from 2419 Ocean Front Walk

Here’s the view from the front door of the place I lived in on Ocean Front Walk in Venice, California. This shot was taken back in April of 1994. The charming gray apartment building with the little enclosed yard was demolished to make way for two gigantic glass and steel boxes, built up to the property line. Nicholas Cage was the first occupant of one of the big houses. I have boycotted his movies ever since.

Bar Review Summer 1990

Scott Pearce 14 June 1990

In 1990, I worked for Barpassers Bar Review. This shot was taken during a lecture I gave in Santa Monica on June 14, 1990. The topic: real property multi-state questions. I gave the lecture to a live audience numbering several hundred in a cavernous basement lecture hall. My presentation was videotaped, and I remember the lights being hot.

There were live television monitors throughout the lecture hall, so even though most of the students were in the same room with me, they were watching the television sets. If I made a large gesture, I would notice people looking up at the TV’s, instead of at me. That’s an odd experience for a speaker.

1995: Jerry Garcia Memorial

Thousands of people came to Venice Beach when Jerry Garcia died, 12 years ago. I was living at 25th and Speedway at the time, so I grabbed my guitar and headed a few blocks north to where the action was. The scene was a lot like Golden Gate Park in the late 1960’s, according to folks who had been there.

Flashes of freedom were allowed to shine at the Edge of America for a few hours, but the LAPD cleared the beach after sunset. You wouldn’t want freedom to get too out of hand now, would you?