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Did you know that Charles Manson and his followers were arrested and released multiple times not long before the Tate-LaBianca murders? What was the motive behind these killings? Why are files about Manson still secret, 50 years after the crimes? I’ve just finished reading Tom O’Neill’s fascinating and compelling new book about Charles Manson and […]

Today’s Lizard

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Black Lives Matter!

Cell phone video is a powerful force for Democracy. Alton Sterling’s life matters as much as mine does. Philando Castile’s life matters as much as my wife’s does. The racial problems in US law enforcement are not new but they are becoming less deniable by the day. This human catastrophe stems from problems that are […]

Integrity and Compromise

1976 Flashback: “You’re talented, Scott. Why do you have to get up there and lecture your elders about what’s wrong with America? They don’t want to hear it. Why don’t you give them what they want? They will love you if you do, and they’ll shower you with praise. Don’t you want that?” So spoke […]

More Hummingbird Magic

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Hummingbird Hen

Magic is all around us if we take the time to notice. Hummingbirds are all over Carmel Valley. I see them and hear their clicking song often when I am out walking Rainbow or wandering around the neighborhood by myself. For years I have been looking for a nesting hummingbird who would be willing to […]

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Here I am with Emily and Lana at the San Diego airport. Apparently all of the serious traffic was in LA this morning. It seems very few people are leaving SD this holiday season. Why should they? We have America’s Finest Weather! Happy Winter Solstice to all! Share on Facebook

No Vanilla Cookies For You

Processed food is bad for you. White sugar and bleached flour are unhealthy substances. You shouldn’t eat them. I understand that these ideas are true. My diet is mostly organic and vegetarian, but sometimes $1.25 for some nice vanilla cookies seems like a good idea, too. If I choose to find a dollar bill flat […]

Secret Police in Schools

Secret police don’t have a good reputation in America. The Nazis, Soviets and East Germans gave them a bad name. Since America is The Only Exceptional Nation, we don’t have secret police. We have “undercover officers.” Our secret police pretend to be students, entrap classmates and help create a climate of suspicion and fear on campus. […]

Sympathy for Tricky Dicky

The anniversary of Richard Nixon’s downfall gives us a chance to look back on our troubled history. Mr. Nixon was a racist and a crook. At the same time, compared to today’s leaders, Tricky Dick looks like a courageous, visionary genius. This should be food for thought for everybody, regardless of where we might place […]

Modest Mid-Summer Musings

  It is wonderful to have a little time off from deadlines and job duties. Here’s a chance to observe the world a bit more quietly, maybe even think slightly beyond the next few items on the to-do list. Palm trees get their beards shaved off every summer in Ocean Beach. The dry old fronds are […]

The Latest Ocean Beach Sunset

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Justice: Winning at Trial

The road to justice isn’t always easy. We all know that. We also know that the road to our office each morning can be treacherous. Late last summer I was cited by the California Highway Patrol for an alleged violation of Section 23123 of the California Vehicle Code. The officer claimed that I used my cell phone […]

Blood Moon Eclipse

As seen from Carmel Valley, California, here is the Blood Moon Eclipse. What is a blood moon? Here is the answer. According to the Experts Who Know, all lunar eclipses are red, so this is nothing special. According to some successful religious book authors, this is part of a lunar tetrad and symbolic of End […]

The Finest Daughters

Elana and Emily are singing at their mom’s surprise birthday party. Emily looks good in green, I think. This was the happiest night of 2013 (so far). Share on Facebook