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All Connected

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From Me to You

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Sunday’s Art

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Winter Sunset

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Impending Strawberry

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Dangers of Ocean Beach

Other beach communities are worried about litter and parking problems. Share on Facebook

A Birthday Celebration

Here is a fine picture of Lana May and me right after we wrapped up an hour on a jet ski. Look how happy she is! We are celebrating her 15th birthday. It was the first time she ever really got to drive a powerful vehicle. Lana got skillful quickly and loves going fast. The […]

Remembering Maggie

I got this poster in England while I was studying law at Magdalen College back in 1982. It has stood the test of time better than the ideology Maggie and her American soul-mate offered the world. “Maggie Thatcher, Milk Snatcher.”   Share on Facebook

Streetlamp Art Display

A rainy evening outside the LA County Art Museum   Share on Facebook

Art Camp 2012

The San Diego Zoo is one of the great attractions in southern California. I still remember touching the Galapagos Tortoises at the SD Zoo during my first visit more than 50 years ago. When I was a kid, I spent most of my summers in various swimming pools, libraries and science fiction conventions. Not once […]

Art Camp

The San Diego Zoo is a spectacular place. This week Elana and I are attending watercolor art camp. We spend some time with the animals and then create paintings of them. Here is a great picture Lana took today of a hungry and angry tiger. I figured it would be OK to help get a […]

Hope for the Future

Elana and I have been listening to a lot of hit music on the radio together, and watching some of the videos. A few days ago this 11 year-old gave me a splendid reason to watch the latest controversial hit. Have you seen it? “Scott, there’s a new video with Lady Gaga and Beyonce.” “Yeah?” […]

Stepping Out

Like going swimming, taking the dog for a walk (or vice versa) always is a good idea. Who knows – maybe there will be some good flowers to look at and photograph! Share on Facebook

Vote McGovern 1972

We begin 2009 with a Presidential innaguration coming up and hundreds of millions of people all around the world yearning for peace. Here’s a campaign poster that has been on the wall since I was 13 years old. See the big burning pile of American wealth behind Mr. Nixon? We’ve been stoking that fire ever […]