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Category Archives: Art

Happy Birthday Alexis!

Today my beloved spouse celebrates a birthday. To commemorate this event on-line, I offer a Spirograph flower I drew in 1968. Did you know that Spirograph patterns are hypotrochoids and epitrochoids? Share on Facebook

Art by Rosco Wright 1970

Here’s a splendid bit of visual art that’s been on display in various rooms I’ve slept and worked in. Rosco¬† Wright and my parents were friends at the University of Oregon way back in times that appear to have been mostly black and white, and in the decades thereafter. Share on Facebook

Gardner Street School

Gardner Street School is a block north of Sunset Boulevard and a few blocks west of La Brea. I showed up here for first through fifth grade and I hadn’t been back inside the place since the last day of school in June of 1969. I used to walk half a block to buy the […]

RIP Professor Whitebread

Charles Whitebread died a few days ago at the age of 65. He never smoked cigarettes but lung cancer killed him anyway. I knew him at USC and in the bar review business. Professor Whitebread was one of the best lecturers I ever watched and listened to. He joined the faculty at the USC Law […]

Art by Maria Bennett

Maria Bennett was a great lover of cats and a talented artist. This is one of my favorites. Share on Facebook

Law School Doodles 1983

25 years ago today, I was a second year law student at the University of Southern California. Here is what was on my mind as I sat in one of the big amphitheater classrooms. A typed translation of the scribbling follows, below. “I sold pot in the U.S. A quarter ounce. It cost me 40 […]