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Category Archives: Audio

New Home Stereo System

Audio is my favorite media form. Sound artists always have captured my attention and my imagination more fully than the visual arts. Years ago I wrote an inspirational tech piece about installing a new hard drive in an old Fujitsu laptop. Finally the time came to retire that ancient device – but the ‘new’ hard […]

1976 KPUR Flashback

I admit I am tempted to write something fanciful and perhaps even less than truthful today. It may be April Fool’s Day, but I see no reason to compromise my high standards of journalistic integrity just for a few quick, cheap laughs. Instead, return with me now to October of 1976. Here I am in […]

Time Travel is Real

Is there visual evidence of a woman speaking on a cell phone back in 1928? This is a question that has caused some controversy in recent months, and it’s about time somebody looked into it, with sober determination to get at the truth. I’m pleased to report that my investigation advances the effort to resolve […]

Nature Radio

I’ve been making field recordings in nature since the 1970’s. Here’s a free player from a company that sells nature and nature/music audio. Now it’s possible for you to take imaginary holidays from the comfort of your computer work area. Just don’t let your boss see you levitating above the desk! Share on Facebook

Great Radio from Australia

You’ve obviously got a lot of time on your hands. Admit it. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were doing what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s cool. I’ve got more important things to do than write this. But if you’re going to be a slacker, you might as well be a zealous, all-out […]

Rolling Probable Cause

Back in 1989, my 1979 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta was, as a friend’s ex-wife once said, “a really bitchin car.” You don’t get the full effect unless you’ve got the t-tops off and you’re going down the highway very, very fast and listening to Free Wheel Burning very, very loud. A lot of people thought the […]

RIP Professor Whitebread

Charles Whitebread died a few days ago at the age of 65. He never smoked cigarettes but lung cancer killed him anyway. I knew him at USC and in the bar review business. Professor Whitebread was one of the best lecturers I ever watched and listened to. He joined the faculty at the USC Law […]

Hillary Clinton Concedes

Senator Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign this morning. Although I did not support her candidacy, I recognize the historic importance of her speech. Watch and listen to it: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Full transcripts available here. Alexis did not get to watch or listen to the speech live, as I did, […]