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Father’s Day

Here is another vote in favor of Traditional Family Values on a greetings card schedule! Share on Facebook

Eight Years Ago Today

Gerry Pearce loved the water. He told stories of swim meets at Baghdad College in the mid-1940’s, and although he never tried to teach me to speak Arabic he did teach me to swim. Those early lessons were during the summer of 1962. My dad and I spent untold hours together in various pools over […]

Magnificent Dragonfly!

This spectacular creature showed up and posed for pictures. One of the earliest posts on this website featured another fantastic dragonfly. I like to take and to publish these pictures for the sake of art, but this one has a little story behind it. These days, I am working hard on revising my bar exam […]

Happy Trails

I’ve always wanted to ride a horse on the beach. Fortunately, my loving family made sure I got a chance to live my dream. The lesson: if you’ve got something you’ve always wanted to do, do it soon. I had a great time but it took me several days to recover from spending three hours […]

80 If

My mom was born on this date in 1930. Here’s a picture of her from 1939. Share on Facebook

Medical Hot Dog

It’s important for us to take responsibility for our own health, especially as we get older. We also need to set a good example for the younger people in our midst.  I believe these things. We went to Balboa Park to celebrate Mother’s Day last weekend. A group of Native American tribes were holding an […]

Seven Years Ago Today

My dad Gerry Pearce was 33 years old when I took this picture of him back in the summer of 1962. I was three. This was the first photograph I ever took. I still remember holding the big, heavy black camera in my small hands and trying to keep it steady while at the same […]

We’re Not Getting Older…

…Yeah we are. The first picture is from 2002 and the second is from a few days ago. Share on Facebook

Useful & Wasted Lives – 1990

Which is the useful life? Share on Facebook

The Parents Are Black

Ocean Beach has a colony of parrots, originally from northeast Mexico, who have decided to kick back and enjoy the Bohemian vibe and counterculture traditions of OB. I love these birds and how colorful and loud they are. When they finally showed up, I called Alexis on her cell phone. As a result of a […]

Lovie and Kitten – 1898

Here’s a nice shot of my paternal grandmother and a kitten. It was taken in Scotland in about 1898. For no extra charge, here’s a similar shot of me, taken in Hollywood in 1965. Share on Facebook

Finger Lickin’ Good…

…but what is it, and how can Lana tell it’s licking her fingers? Share on Facebook

Gerry Pearce 1981

Today is the sixth anniversary of my dad’s death. My mom took this picture on Rutherford Drive in the Hollywood Hills back in the summer of ’81. I plan to publish many of my father’s photographs and movies soon, along with his book on the Middle-East. No doubt a grateful world will wonder what took […]

It’s Good to Have Nine Lives

This is a nice action shot from 41 years ago. You’ll notice that I am being photographed from above, with a cliff behind me and rocks about a hundred feet below.  Nobody said it wasn’t OK to climb up the sheer face of an ice-covered mountain until after I had done it! If it was […]

Daylight Savings Time

Rainbow and I are happy with later sunsets. Share on Facebook