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All Connected

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From Me to You

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To Your Good Health!

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Sunday’s Art

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Winter Sunset

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Impending Strawberry

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Sign of the Times

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Today’s Lizard

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More Hummingbird Magic

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Hummingbird Hen

Magic is all around us if we take the time to notice. Hummingbirds are all over Carmel Valley. I see them and hear their clicking song often when I am out walking Rainbow or wandering around the neighborhood by myself. For years I have been looking for a nesting hummingbird who would be willing to […]

The Latest Ocean Beach Sunset

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Blood Moon Eclipse

As seen from Carmel Valley, California, here is the Blood Moon Eclipse. What is a blood moon? Here is the answer. According to the Experts Who Know, all lunar eclipses are red, so this is nothing special. According to some successful religious book authors, this is part of a lunar tetrad and symbolic of End […]

1976 Hollywood High Flashback

Here is a picture of the Hollywood High School Still Photography Club. This shot was taken on February 20, 1976. Here I am, front and center, the consequence of a discrete transaction with the photographer. Although I can identify most of the other people in this picture,  I’ll leave it to everybody to tag themselves […]

Views from Venice Pier

Here’s a shot from the end of the Venice Pier. I spent the better part of 20 years living in this neighborhood. It’s been nine years since I moved away from Venice Beach. My quick impression is that little has changed since I left, except for the addition of some medical marijuana dispensaries. Who says nothing ever […]