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1971 Diane Webber Flashback

Here is another view back through the mists of time… This video is the product of clips from several different super-8 movies my father and I shot back in May of 1971. This is the second 1971 performance I’ve cut together from old home movies and published on-line. The other one was shot at the […]

Black Lives Matter!

Cell phone video is a powerful force for Democracy. Alton Sterling’s life matters as much as mine does. Philando Castile’s life matters as much as my wife’s does. The racial problems in US law enforcement are not new but they are becoming less deniable by the day. This human catastrophe stems from problems that are […]

Yosemite Field Trip ’73

Forty years is quite a long time…at least I used to think so. Joseph LeConte was an early conservationist and a professor at UC Berkeley in the 1800’s. My friends and I went to a junior high school in Hollywood that carries his name. A group of us was given a chance to take a week-long […]

Worth Waiting For

The first big pile of old reels from the Pearce Family Archive has resulted in a bit more than five hours of video, including a fair amount of stuff from the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1971 and 1972. Here is the first item from that archive. This movie was shot by my dad Gerry on […]

The Finest Daughters

Elana and Emily are singing at their mom’s surprise birthday party. Emily looks good in green, I think. This was the happiest night of 2013 (so far). Share on Facebook

No War on Syria

Barak Obama wants to attack Syria, a secular state that poses no threat to our country. The President and the Secretary of State claim that the Syrian government has used poison gas against its own population. There’s no reason to believe them. The Syrian government is winning; why should it use a weapon that could […]

Bar Exam Season

It’s that time of the year again. Results from the July California Bar Examination are out, and those who were not fortunate enough to pass are thinking about preparing for the February exam. As usual, I’ve got a model answer (to question #1) appearing in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Share on Facebook

Scott Pearce Wants You

To Vote YES on Proposition 19, the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010! Here is a series of one-minute videos in support of Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative that will go before the voters on November 2. Way back in 1972, the California Marijuana Initiative shared office space with McGovern headquarters. I was […]

Can I See Your Papers?

Arizona’s harsh new anti-immigrant law has received a lot of self-righteous comment from all sides. Although I deplore the racism at the heart of Arizona’s law, I believe the angry, confused white people of Arizona deserve the same compassion their undocumented brown counterparts are entitled to. I’m writing this entry from a rich suburban neighborhood […]

Avenue of the Redwoods

[display_podcast] Here is a remarkable video, story of which is more interesting than the pictures. Humboldt County is one of the most amazing places on Earth. Being among the giant redwoods makes me feel the same way swimming with dolphins does. I feel as if I must get as close to the trees as possible. […]

Oppose War Escalation

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Embed Audio into Word Docs

Here’s one of the things I do for a living, both for my corporate employer and for by bar examination tutorial clients. Share on Facebook

Intro to

New Bar Exam Video This is a glorious day! At last I have escaped from the bondage of months of devotion to duty. Happy Days Are Here Again. I just finished extensive revisions to my two commercial web sites, and This project has consumed vast amounts of time over the last few months, […]

Glorious Sunset

Who said the California Dream was over? Today my cell phone jumped out of my pocket and started issuing demands. The first was that I hold it up high and push the correct series of buttons in just the right way. The result was the image you see before you, which was the view tonight […]

Marijuana Prohibition

[display_podcast] Here is a five-part presentation about the history of the drug laws. It’s a fascinating story, far more entertaining and bizarre than you might expect. Share on Facebook