Afghan War: Illegal and Wrong

The latest Juris Vodcast is deadly serious.


Barak Obama and many others who consider themselves to be progressive argue that the “real” front in the War on Terrorism is in Afghanistan. This is dangerous nonsense. Bush, Cheney, and the others lied about the Afghan war, too.

The Afghan war is yet another illegal war of aggression. We’ve already lost. It’s time to bring our troops home and prosecute those who wrongly led our nation to war.

Bar Exam Season Begins

Scott Pearce on Cal Bar Exam.Com

The next administration of the bar examination is at the end of July. Here are links to a series of videos I have produced over the last few days. You are welcome to click on the image, above, but doing so will have the effect of merely opening a copy of the image in a new window. You have to click on the link, below, to watch video.

How to Pass the California Bar ExamCalifornia Attorney Exam

First-Time TakersRepeating the Bar Examination

Master Essay MethodBar Exam Conspiracy Theories

Here is a video series that reviews the February 2008 Cal Bar Exam Essays:

IntroductionQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6PDF Document

CA Same-Sex Marriage Case

Yesterday’s court decision was a remarkable achievement – by the Chief Justice and his colleagues in the majority. This is an amazing bit of scholarship and philosophy. Here is a link to the text of the decision.

Basically, the court says it’s not ruling on the merits of same-sex marriage, but on the constitutionality of the ban. In CA, statutory interpretation requires looking at the overall scheme of laws when considering an individual law. Since same-sex partnerships have all the rights of married couples in the eye of the law in CA, since sexual orientation is a protected category under civil rights law, and since there’s a fundamental right to marry, the court said the government had to show that the ban was necessary to serve a compelling state interest. This is the “strict scrutiny” standard of review.


Here’s a three and a half minute video I have produced on the decision for Juris Vodcast.